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Player Evaluations Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Players in the Teeball and 6U divisions do NOT need to attend Player Evaluations.


What are Player Evaluations?

Player Evaluations are mandatory and is a time for the league to evaluate players’ basic softball skills in order to place them in the proper division and create balanced teams within the divisions.


Is it a tryout?

No. All registered players will be assigned a team. So no pressure at all – it’s just an evaluation.


When and where is Player Evaluations?

Player evaluations will take place the weekend of February 27 & 28 and 1 March. All evaluations are done indoors unless weather permits field use.  Exact location and times will be published in advance.


What should we bring?

Players should bring their gear: gloves for catching, a bat and batting helmet for hitting. Please see the evaluation guidelines page for more info. A bottle of water is also a good idea! If you do not have this gear, don’t worry – there will be plenty of kids to borrow from as needed. Also, be sure your player is wearing appropriate play clothes and cleats.


What will happen at Player Evaluations?

The first step is administrative and will ensure that your player is properly registered. Families are also asked to turn in their (3) proofs of residency and your child’s proof of birth  MUST BE GIVEN TO US BEFORE YOUR CHILD CAN BE EVALUATED.You may bring them with you to evaluations, but please do not forget them. Girls cannot be evaluated unless we have these documents. If you would like to send them to us ahead of time, you may mail them by Wed., March 5th to: FGLLS, Attn: Player Agent, PO Box 595, Warrenton, VA 20188

Once these two steps are complete, your player will be assigned a number. Each player will go through a few simple drills: infield, outfield, throwing, running, and hitting.  For additional details please see the Player Evaluations Guidelines tab.

For those divisions featuring kid pitch, there is a separate pitching evaluation. However, your player need NOT have developed pitching skills in order to play and/or pitch in these divisions. Again, it’s just to evaluate skills and create balanced teams.


What are the Divisions?
The divisions are categorized by age group.


What if my player wants to play “down” or “up” a Division?

You may consider having your player play “down” a Division if he/she has never played the game before. However, this may not be necessary. Contact the President, VP, or Player Agent in order to discuss this ahead of time.

We do not encourage kids to play “up” a Division. However, if this is something you’d like to consider, please annotate in the comments block during registration or contact the President, VP, or Player Agent. You will likely be asked to bring your player to BOTH evaluation time slots – the time he/she is assigned per Division AND the Division he/she wishes to play in.


It’s been MONTHS since my kids have picked up their glove or bat. Should my player practice before Player Evaluations?

It is always good to practice and we would highly recommend it if weather permits but there is requirement to practice before evaluations. Your player will demonstrate their basic skills, and that is just fine.


My player feels nervous about being evaluated. What should I tell him/her?

Please stress to your player that there is no need to be nervous! A few fly balls and pitches don’t tell the whole story of a person’s skills – we know that. It’s just helpful to have an opportunity to evaluate skills when creating balanced teams. We are an instructional league and look forward to teaching kids at all levels to learn and love the game.


How long will I expect to be at Player Evaluations?

This depends heavily on how many players are being evaluated during your time slot. But please plan on 2 hours minimum.


More questions? Please feel free to email us.


Play Ball!