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Positive Coaching Alliance Training

FGLLS has partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to deliver on Little League’s promise to develop character in youth through softball. (PCA) is transforming youth sports so sports can transform youth. Through partnership with more than 1,100 youth sports organizations, leagues, schools and cities nationwide, PCA has conducted 6,000-plus workshops for youth sports coaches, parents, organizational leaders and athletes. Youth sports offer a virtual classroom for teaching life lessons, but only if the adults who work with athletes recognize and seize the many teachable moments provided. Research shows that 70% of kids drop out of sports by the age of 13, and if kids don’t stay in sports, they won’t reap these benefits. Youth athletes coached in a mastery environment have increased self-confidence and a lowered anxiety level. In addition, they achieve more and actually do better on the scoreboard.

A New Model of Coaching
PCA calls coaches Double-Goal Coaches because they have two goals. One goal is to win. Make no mistake: we’re not against competition. Competition provides the opportunity for many good things to happen. But a Double-Goal Coach has a second goal: to teach players life lessons—which are ultimately more important than winning.

PCA provides FREE tips and tools for FGLLS, our coaches, parents and athletes. You can be the leader who brings character education through sports to your community by partnering your school or youth sports organization with Positive Coaching Alliance.

FGLLS coaches must complete the PCA Coaching Course.

Course access instructions:

1. Go to http://shopping.positivecoach.org/Courses/Double-Goal-Coach, and click "Register and pay" under Option #2 "Pay full price or use a discount promotion code"
2. Fill in your zip code in the appropriate box and click "Proceed to payment".  
3. Once you have completed the registration, you will be directed to the Double-Goal Coach course.

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