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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Will my daughter be placed on a team in our hometown?
A:     T
he league cannot guarantee placement based on home address. However, with the size of our county, we do our best to avoid having girls at the southern-most point traveling to the northern-most point. It is not uncommon to travel 15-20 minutes though, as we have no control over how many girls from each area sign up.


Q:     What is player evaluation and why do you have it?
A:      The evaluation will help make the teams competitive, and give coaches a variety of players to work with. In other words, we  strive for fairness. We don't want one team to have all the A players, nor one team to have all beginners.

Q:    How and where do I register?

A:    Registration is now online.  You can register online, pay online or pay by check/money order. Payment must be received within 7 days of registering or the registration will be deleted.  If paying by check, please make check payable to Piedmont Regional Girls Softball League, P.O. Box 595, Warrenton VA 20187. We accept checks and money orders. We accept cash but we do not recommend mailing cash. No late registrations will be received for Spring after February 28 and Fall registrations received after July 31.  

Q:    What is Rec Ball?

A:    Rec ball is softball players at all levels. Players are placed on teams by the Player Agent after registration has closed and following evaluations. There are two seasons each year, a spring and fall season.

Q:    How old does my daughter need to be to play?

A:    Our league is for players age 4-16.

Q:    When will the Season start and end?

A:    The spring season is scheduled to start mid March for practice with games beginning early April. The season should end in  June. The fall season is scheduled to begin in mid August for practice with games beginning early September. The season should end by early November.

Q:    When are practices and games?  What day will I practice?

A:    Typically, practices are held on weeknights. The day a team practices is left up to the coach for each team. Weeknight practices may start any time after 5 p.m. All divisions will play games on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Some divisions aren't allowed to play double headers and therefore may play games on week nights. 

Q:    Where are the practices held?

A:    Practices are held on a Fauquier County Parks and Recreation field chosen by the coach. Teams are created by the area where the girls go to school and then by the area where they live to help reduce travel time for parents and players. We encourage the coaches to practice in the area where most of their players live and go to school.  Sometimes this is not always possible, but every effort is made to make practices convenient for the teams and their players.

Q:    Where are the games played?

A:    Games may be played at any of the fields designated for Piedmont Regional Girls Softball League's use throughout Fauquier County. Most games will be centrally located near Warrenton, New Baltimore, or Vint Hill, however, games will also be scheduled in Marshall and Bealeton to accommodate and be fair to players from those areas. Click on fields for directions to the various fields.

Q:    For the Fall season, will my daughter play on the same team as she did in the spring?

A:    Yes, teams typically remain the same for the fall season. There may be times when your daughter will be placed on a different team such as when there are not enough returning players to fill out the team or when teams must be combined. 

Q:    Are uniforms provided?

A:    Yes, uniforms (jerseys and socks) are covered by part of the registration fees and sponsor fees for each team. Uniforms will be ordered as soon as teams are formed, so it is very important that you include the sizes for your daughter on her registration form. Uniforms may be used for both the spring and fall season, so parents should choose a uniform size that will allow for growth. Each player will need to provide their own glove, face mask, helmet, sliding shorts, pants (color decided by the coach). Cleats are highly recommended.

Q:    Is transportation provided?

A:    No. Transportation to and from practices and games is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

Q:    Can I sponsor a team?

A:    Yes, just contact our

Q:    How can I volunteer to help and what positions are needed?

A:    Piedmont Regional Girls Softball League is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Remember YOU are the league and volunteers are needed to run the league, manager, assistant coach, field preparation, fundraising, and  administrative assistants. 

Q:    Can my daughter play in this league and on a travel or school team?

A:    Yes. Travel or school team players are welcome to play in our league.

Q:    Can I Register Late?

A:    We do not allow registrations beyond the registration cut-off. 

Q:    How can I request a waiver of registration fees?
A:    Fee payment is not necessarily required to play softball with us. If you would like a waiver, please click here, which will take  you to the Fauquier County Parks and Recreation website, where you can request a Scholarship Voucher. You must submit the Scholarship Voucher Request to Fauquier County Parks and Recreation. You do not have to wait for a voucher to register, however, registration is not complete until payment or a voucher is received. After you receive a Scholarship Voucher from the county, mail the voucher along with registration review information from your online registration to:

Piedmont Regional Girls Softball League 
Attention: Registrar
P.O. Box 595
Warrenton VA 20188



Q:    What equipment do I need to buy?

A:    The league provides bats, helmets and balls for the girls to use at practices and games. You are responsible to provide a fielder's glove and sliding shorts. Cleats are highly recommended.

Q:    I would like to buy a bat for my daughter to practice with at home.  What size bat should I buy her?

A:    Click here for a bat chart to help guide you.

Q:    What size ball should I buy for my daughter to practice with?

A:    If you want to purchase a softball to practice at home, there are different sizes. For T-Ball, AA and AAA an 11-inch ball is used. For Majors and above, a 12-inch ball is used. 

Q:    My question is not listed here. Who do I contact?
A:    Please click here to fill out the Feedback form.